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Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular throughout the country but perhaps it is Miami where it is the most popular. The largest group of people that opt for plastic surgery today are women that have just given birth and are seeking to regain the look they had prior to pregnancy. When these women elect to have this type of surgery it is known as mommy makeovers and information about them can be found at the website

Although the mommy makeovers are perhaps the most popular type of plastic surgery, surgeons today will perform these procedures on anyone requesting them and so today there are over 300,000 procedures carried out annually. This means that these procedures are no longer considered to be experimental ones but well-established, professional procedures with little or no risks associated with them.

When these procedures were being developed and were considered to be experimental in many cases, it was perhaps only the rich or famous who would take the risks of having the procedures performed on them but as more and more were carried out and the risks became fewer, a far wider range of people started to opt for them and today almost anyone can opt to have any one of the many procedures. To match this popularity, plastic surgeon services have opened up all across the country and more appear each year, most of which are kept busy, often by new mothers.

Liposuction is one of these procedures and is very popular due to the fact it can be used on arms, legs, abdomen, back or even chin, removing fat and providing a leaner appearance. Before sucking out excess fat from a region of the body with a strong vacuum, the procedure first breaks up the fat deposits so as to make them easier to withdraw. There is little doubt that today liposuction can improve someone’s looks, as far as body mass is concerned anyway and so it is now an everyday procedure in many of the elective surgery establishments.

Other procedures which have become popular with new mothers are breast enhancements and these fall into two categories. The first is breast lifting where the breasts are lifted and made firmer and the second is breast augmentation which is a procedure which increases the breast size. Of course, some people opt to have both and this is also possible. Why this is popular with new mothers is because often during childbirth the breasts can reduce in size or start to become saggy, either of which can be distressing to some mothers.

Putting on weight is also often associated with childbirth and once again some mothers are unhappy with the extra pounds. In these instances, tummy tucks are often performed and this is where areas of the abdomen, usually the sides, have fat removed to give a slimmer waist. Sometimes this reduced size can look awkward unless fat is removed from the buttocks or legs as well and so often more than one procedure is carried out for a mommy makeover.

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